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Health checkups can be fun

Lifeness lets doctors, nurses, therapists, and health coaches easily follow up with their patients, who can make sustainable progress with all health data at their fingertips.

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"I find it works well for me as a healthcare professional. Easy feedback, easy to track the participants' success and the patients' stagnation, so you get a good overview of when they last accessed the app."

Tiril Kloster Skogland

Health Promotion Coordinator and physiotherapist, Alta Municipality

"What bothered me the most was actually that I was so tired. What I think is special about the Lifeness-app is that there are some people there on the other end whom I can have contact with."

Gunn-Evy O. Håkaby

Patient, living in Tromsø

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We lift people up, instead of bringing them down.

Focused on the patient

A patient is not their symptoms. With Lifeness, they can own their health journey across different providers, who can easily check on their progress and cheer them on.

Based on research

The algorithms behind Lifeness use the results of extensive clinical research to help identify key issues, analyze and monitor habits, and deliver customized treatment.

Designed for life

Lifeness follows the patient across a lifetime of health appointments to build and sustain positive habits and good health in the long run.

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