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Story behind Lifeness

Lifeness was founded in 2018 by a doctor specialized in the treatment of lifestyle diseases and an entrepreneur from the fitness industry. Since its inception, the solution has undergone a number of development processes and beta tests with input and feedback from healthcare personnel and patients. Lifeness is associated with the health incubator Aleap and Norway Health Tech in Forskningsparken in Oslo as well as Norinnova in Tromsø, the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and Kupa.

Meet our team

A photo of Maria - the co-founder
Maria Arlén Larsen MD
PhD, CMO & founder

Maria Arlén is a doctor with obesity, weight loss and lifestyle diseases as special fields through her doctorate, obesity training from Harvard University and daily clinical work. Maria's many years of expertise in obesity have been decisive in the development of several private obesity clinics and obesity teams within the specialist health service.

Solvor Øverlien Magi
CEO & founder

Solvor has more than 30 years of management experience from companies such as SATS, Savo, Holmris B8 and EVO. She has contributed to the start-up of several successful companies such as Circle Innovation, Senzie, SHE and EVO. She was also previously co-owner and operated four SATS centres. She has extensive experience in technology projects such as membership and payment systems for SATS and EVO.

Jeanette Roede
Head of Customer Success

Physiotherapist and lifestyle coach with long experience in weight, the diet and lifestyle industry as owner and leader of Roede As ( former Grete Roede AS) responsible for, among other things, the development of course managers, Pr- and marketing and responsibility for concept development. In recent years, she has worked as a consultant for start-ups before becoming part of the Lifeness team.

Terje Waage Nybakken

Terje has a passion for numbers and experience with economics in both startups and more established companies.

Frederik Holljen

Frederik is a Computer Science graduate with two decades of experience in software development, where he has successfully served as a Software Developer, Chief Architect, and CTO.
His professional journey has spanned both the private and public sectors, as well as several years as an entrepreneur. Before joining the Lifeness team, Frederik contributed his expertise at Skatteetaten and Heimgard Technologies.

Christoffer Maximilian Setterwall
Account Manager

Christoffer has worked within the SaaS space for the past seven years, assisting the market with adapting to the new digital way of working. He has a wide spectre of experience, from personal assistant in the healthcare sector to key account management in the private sector.

Heidi Bø
Account Manager

Heidi has extensive experience in the hotel industry, including management, operations, and sales. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Relationship Management from Kristiania University College. Previous roles include center manager at SATS and account manager at Centric. Before joining Lifeness Heidi worked at Bragd Competence and Development, focusing on fostering inclusion in the business sector and selling sick leave follow-up services to municipalities and private businesses.

Karianne Rasmussen
Technology & support coordinator

Karianne, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and Lifestyle Change, brings her unique blend of health expertise and a tech-savvy spirit to our team. She began her journey with us as part of her work experience, and her enthusiasm ensured she continued her journey with us.

Nicole Bekkeseth
Associate Product & Support Manager

Nicole is a successful weight loss coach with a strong reputation in the industry.
She holds an MBA in International Business and has allround lifestyle, health & business competences from Technip FMC, KID, ROEDE and her own active wear brand. She is multilingual and has deep interest in weight loss psychology and behavioural change.

Pernille Brendmoe
Project coordinator

Pernille is a nurse, personal trainer specialized in lifestyle change, an training instructor and a course leader. Previously, she held lectures at NIH and Active Education for PT students and trained VIF women's Elite team in football. She has also held managerial positions at fitness centres. Prior to joining us, she worked as a clinic manager and operating room nurse at a private clinic.

Marthe Isaksen Aukan
Project consultant

Marthe has a PhD in obesity and metabolism, and has researched the effect of weight loss on appetite regulation. She has a background in nutrition and clinical health sciences, and has 11 years of experience as a group instructor and crossfit coach.

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