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A health app that lifts you up

Get in control of your health and lifestyle while finally being seen and heard by your safety net of medical professionals.


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Improve your quality of life – the way it works for you

Open Lifeness for as little as 30 seconds a day to create long-lasting health habits, supported by your doctor, therapist, or coach and mountains of scientific evidence.

Get in touch with your medical professional from home, when you need it.

Define wellness goals and track your progress in a way that actually keeps you motivated.

Increase your self confidence.

How to get started

How to get started


Get in touch with your health provider

Receive an invite

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Download the app

In Apple Store or Google Play


Set up an account

Remember to remember your pin code


Program start

Your health care provider will be in touch with you. Tip: Connect other apps to synch health data.

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"Jeg syns det fungerer gott for meg som helsepersonell. Enkel tilbakemelding, greit å se suksessen til deltakerne og stagnasjon av pasientene, så får du en fin oversikt når de sist er inne i appen."

Tiril Kloster Skogland

Health Promotion Coordinator and physiotherapist, Alta Municipality

"What bothered me the most was actually that I was so tired. What I think is special about the Lifeness-app is that there are some people there on the other end whom I can have contact with."

Gunn-Evy O. Håkaby

Patient, living in Tromsø

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Where can I download the app?

You can download the application from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play store for Android devices.

Is Lifeness difficult to use?

The idea is that it's supposed to be as easy to use as possible. Therefore there are minimum amount of steps for you in the app, so you can continue to live a better life.

Is Lifeness safe to use?

Yes. Lifeness complies with the highest medical safety standards, grade 4.

I'm afraid of being ridiculed for seeking help, how do I know the health professional is there for me?

The communication in the app is designed with a positive and motivational language, bringing forth the good behaviors in us.

How do we know the treatment will work?

Lifeness is developed by healthcare professionals and patients in clinics over several years with many years of testing and improvement. This is to ensure that the platform is best suited to actually work, so that it is used regularly by patients and healthcare professionals. Results so far show that patients who use Lifeness lose 5 times more weight compared to those who do not.

Maria and Solvor - the founders of Lifeness

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