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Happier patients,
better treatment results

The patient is in charge of their health while you monitor their overall progress – all in an easy and fun way.


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better patient motivation



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What other health professionals like about Lifeness

Since the start in 2018, easy-to-use tools have served patients and health professionals. According to studies, patients have had a higher level of motivation, even for patient groups in the lower compliance span. The health professionals, in turn can see the whole picture of each patient while follow-ups can take as little as 15 minutes a day, even if you have 100 patients. 

86% more motivated patients

The patients themselves register their health data.

Minimise long follow-up meetings and paperwork.

How to get started

How to get started


Meet with us to set up your clinic to your preference

With the use of surveys and information of your patients.



Register on the website.


Invite patients

Invite patients with a click.


Get results!

You are ready to go! Your patients are now in your virtual clinic, and you will be able to see results straight away. You have the choice to boost the treatment performance by connecting a certified Lifeness coach to your clinic.

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"Jeg syns det fungerer gott for meg som helsepersonell. Enkel tilbakemelding, greit å se suksessen til deltakerne og stagnasjon av pasientene, så får du en fin oversikt når de sist er inne i appen."

Tiril Kloster Skogland

Health Promotion Coordinator and physiotherapist, Alta Municipality

"What bothered me the most was actually that I was so tired. What I think is special about the Lifeness-app is that there are some people there on the other end whom I can have contact with."

Gunn-Evy O. Håkaby

Patient, living in Tromsø

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Still have a question?

Is Lifeness scientifically proven?

Since the start in 2018, the system have been tried out numerous of times and beta tests between patients and health care staff. One of the founders, Maria Arlén Larsen has 15 years of experience in lifestyle changes and obesity, obesity training from Harvard University. Further, the Lifeness team consists of physiotherapists and nurses.

If my clinic will purchase the system today, will it be relevant in 5 years time?

We're contantly improving our knowledge base, ourselves, and foremost our system by close collaborations with hopsitals and clinics.

How exactly can you make sure I'll work more effectively with Lifeness?

For our exising clients, the part they're liking the most is the easy overview of the patients. Here they can detect the patients that are falling behind on their treatment, and could be potential drop-outs. Further, it's easy to communicate with many patients at the same time, intead of spending time on long one on one sessions, even though these might be necessary from time to time.

It seems to be a cloud based platform, but is it safe?

Yes. Lifeness complies with the highest medical safety standards, grade 4.

How will the patients become more motivated to follow through with their treatment?

The programs are set up for the patients to become more motivated as they can monitor their progress along the way, and feel the support from the health professional. The health professional in turn, have an easier time to monitor and motivate the patients in between the follow-ups, creating a positive feddback loop making the patient feel more seen and heard. Our method is proven to increase patient motivation with 86% compared to regular follow ups.

Maria and Solvor - the founders of Lifeness

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